Seafood Specials

When They’re gone, They’re  gone!!



Cushendall Mackerel, Roast Red Pepper, Rocket Salad                                             8.50


Seabass Fillet, Yucanese Potatoes, King Prawn, Spinach Broth                             15.50
King Scallops, Braised Fennel Gnocchi, Bacon Frites                                                 18.50
Hake Fillet, Crab Risotto Cake Puttanesca, Rocket Pesto                                        15.50
Cod Fillet, New Potatoes Kale, Pea & Lemon Butter                                                 15.50

**Please make any allergies & intolerances known to staff, every effort will be made to accommodate your dietary needs**

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